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Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier - Cheek Colour Brush

$60.00 CAD

Perfectly and effortlessly shapes the cheek bone. 

How to Apply:

- Crème will naturally adhere to synthetic fibers. •For best results using any type of pressed powder, press bristles into powder to pick-up the powder.
- Next, press brush onto back of hand to work the powder into the brush.
- This will ensure powder is loaded into bristles and minimize fallout.
- Gently tap brush once on back of hand to shake off any excess product.
- Tap and press loaded bristle all over area first.
- After product has been placed, then blend.

HAND POSITION: For Precise and Detailed Application
- Hold brush at the center of handle or closer to the ferrule. Pinch brush handle between thumb and middle finger.
- For added control, also use pointer finger with a light touch on handle, this will act more as a “guide” during application.
- It should feel like you’re balancing the brush.

HAND POSITION: To Blend and Diffuse
- Hold brush with a loose grip, close to the end of handle and lightly pinch between thumb, pointer and middle finger.
- This will provide the most “painterly” result.


Features & Benefits:

Perfectly sized to the shape the cheek bone, this brush features a medium sculpted head that offers a soft, smooth application and effortless durability.

- Cleanse as needed with Laura’s Brush Cleanser or mild shampoo and warm water.
- When cleaning brushes with shampoo and water, gently squeeze water through the hair, going from base to tip. Rinse thoroughly.
- Dip or spray Brush in Brush Cleanser and remove makeup with a tissue.
- Repeat if necessary.
- Reshape to original form.
- To protect your brush fibers, pick up product and cleanse in the direction of the hair; never “swirl” or harshly rub brushes on any surface.
- Shape and allow to air dry on a flat surface. Do not stand brushes on end to dry.
- When traveling, carry brushes separately from other makeup to protect the bristles from bending and fraying.


Item Size: 1 Piece

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