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Foundation Balm 20.7ml

$74.00 CAD

Light FB 01
Light FB 02
Light FB 03
Light FB 04
Light FB 4.5
Light FB 05
Medium FB 5 5
Medium FB 06
Medium FB 07
Medium FB 7 5
Medium FB 08
Medium FB 09
Medium FB 10
Medium FB 10.5
Medium FB 11
Deep FB 12
Deep FB 13
Deep FB 14
Deep FB 15
Deep FB 16

A full coverage buildable foundation for all skin types in 20 different shades. The Foundation Balm formula delivers a silky flawless finish for younger looking skin. Fortified with Hyaluronic Acid and bonus antioxidants, such as Vitamin E, the Foundation Balm hydrates your skin for a supple look and feel. 

The innovative Foundation Balm comes with a specially designed brush for effortless blending and application. This foundation matches the Etherealist Foundation shades and includes 4 additional shades to find the perfect color. 

This is safe to use on arms and legs as it leaves a powder finish. 

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