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Coming Soon! Joelle Ciocco Hyaluronic Acide Serum

$270.00 CAD

It is a compound that we all naturally possess because it is part of the skin’s matrix. Indeed, it plays an important role in the constitution of the extracellular matrix of tissues, and that is why it interests us.

But what is its usefulness for the skin? It is actually thanks to its hygroscopic properties, meaning its ability to retain water and take on the consistency of an aqueous gel, that these applications in cosmetics are interesting for the skin tissues, as its ultra-soft gel-like texture is particularly comfortable and works wonders on the plasticity of the skin’s mantle.

Hyaluronic acid is suitable for all skin types and ages. However, based on my experience, the real expected benefits are softness, suppleness, comfort, and exceptional radiance of the complexion. You can achieve all of this and much more, but with small preferential care attentions.


Lesson of the right gestures by Joëlle Ciocco :

Take a small amount and spread it lightly with your fingertips over the entire face, avoiding massaging. Let your skin absorb this serum, then follow with a fluid from the same brand as your serum, preferably our Hydrating Module.

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