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Dr. Nigma Talib Vitamin D Sun (60 Capsules)

$37.23 CAD

As well as targeting common skin concerns, Dr. Nigma Talib's products work to support a happy and healthy body, too. Perfect for when the sun alone just won't do, these Vitamin D capsules help absorb Calcium that contributes to the maintenance of bones and muscles, support the functioning of the immune system and improve the appearance of lack luster hair, skin and nails.

  • Vitamin K helps to maintain normal blood clotting and bone metabolism
  • Free from sugar, gluten and artificial colors and flavorings
  • Suitable for vegetarians



Instructions for use:
  • Take one capsule daily with food and plenty of water
  • Made in the UK


Vitamin D3​​​​​125µg (5000IU)​​50mg

Vitamin K1​​​​​500µg​​​10mg

Vitamin K2 (MK-7)​​​​50µg​​​25mg


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