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In Store Only - Lash & Eyebrow Conditioner

Due to Eyenvy policy: all purchases must be made through the boutique. Please call 416 966 6868 or email to enquire.


EyEnvy® recognized the issues men and women were having with the growth of their eyebrows and eyelashes due to various reasons including illness. With great empathy and concern, EyEnvy® wanted to create a product that would enhance the natural eyebrows and hairs so that everyone may see their true beauty.

Everyone’s results may vary based on factors like age, sex, and application frequency. Typically most individuals start seeing results within 4-6 weeks. Full results are achieved within 3 months.

Directions: Firstly, ensure that the eye lid is clean. Shake the EyEnvy Lash & Eyebrow Conditioner bottle; remove the excess product from the tip of the wand by stroking it on the neck of the bottle 3 times. Apply EyEnvy® to the lash line as you would an eyeliner starting from the exterior to the interior area. Do not double dip. Apply only in the morning every day for 3 months, and after the 3 months, apply every other day to maintain results. Do not apply on bottom lash.

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