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James Read Hydra Tanning Mist

$35.00 CAD

A recharging spray that provides an immediate boost of hydration and a hint of tan. The lightweight mist offers the ultimate gradual tanning experience. Each application will gradually build a deeper tan, allowing you to take control of your colour. 


• Fast-drying mist, gradually builds a natural tan day by day

• Featuring a unique blend of cooling agents this hydrating mist is perfect for post-shave tanning

• Colourless formula allows for an easy, mirror-free application and wont ruin your white shirts

• Featuring Tantone Technology™ which helps ensure the most natural result for your skin tone and allows you to control your colour with gradual results

• Unique layerable formula allows you to control your colour with gradual results   

• Infused with a fresh fig and ginger fragrance so not tell-tale fake tan smell     


Directions of use:

Hold the nozzle at arms length from the face. Spray evenly in downward motions, working from left to right. Lift chin and spritz onto the neck and under the chin.  Remember to spray the back of your neck. Allow a minute or two to dry. Apply post-shave for a cooling effect or pre-shave for a spray and go tan.

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