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Ex Click Stick Chai Latte
Ex Click Stick Chai Latte

Ex Click Stick Chai Latte

$44.00 CAD

  • No more compromises: one click and you can have it all. As rich as a balm, as precise as a pencil and as intense as a premium pigment, in just one stroke the Rouge-Expert Click Stick creates bold, highly pigmented colour that lasts all day long. Offering absolute coverage with velvety smooth comfort upon application, the ergonomic drop-shaped tip instantly outlines the contour and fills the lips. The extensive range of glamorous shades, from nude to scarlet, allows you to have your own bespoke look.

  • Click: Press once and the lip colour instantly appears.
    Stick: Automatically, lips are precisely defined and perfectly filled in with an intensity of colour.

    Simply click to offer a single dosage and apply to the lips with the pointed edge of the teardrop applicator facing up

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