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By Terry - Tool Expert Brushes 70% Clearance - Discount Applied At Checkout

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70% Clearance - Discount Applied At Checkout

Foundation brush:

Create the perfect base with By Terry's Precision 6 Foundation Brush, a must-have makeup tool for achieving flawless, streak-free results. Designed to work with all cream, liquid, stick and compact foundations, the brush is fitted with dense, synthetic bristles that are ultra-soft and rounded at the edge to facilitate professional application. Picking up and delivering the perfect amount of product, the makeup brush effortlessly applies foundation to help conceal imperfections, smoothen the skin and even out the complexion. Expect a flawless makeup finish.


Dispense foundation onto the back of the hand with the brush, correct imperfections, then smooth out in a back and forth motion to create a perfectly smooth and even finish.


Pencil Brush:

This brush is specially designed for applying and blending dense matte or shimmery eyeshadows with perfect dexterity and precision.


Apply eyeshadow as desired, either as kohl, eyeliner or as a smoky eye.

Soft Buffer foundation brush:

 This firm and silky brush with ultra-soft premium bristles is a new-generation foundation applicator. Its flat, yet curved shape makes it ideal for applying, sculpting and blending all types of formulas, whether fluids, creams or powders.


Take some foundation with the brush, then sweep over from the middle of the face outwards to smooth and even out the skin texture.

Sponge Foundation Brush:

Eliminate streaks and uneven patches of makeup with BY TERRY's brush. This curved and pointed sponge has an ultra fine cellular structure that evenly distributes foundations and creams seamlessly without lines, ensuring a smooth and flawless complexion. Can be used wet or dry to ensure perfect blending.


Use the flat base to apply foundation to larger areas of the face, and the pointed end for hard-to-reach spots.


Stencil Foundation Brush:

This innovative foundation brush offers easy application for professional results. The hollow centre retains just the right amount of product for even, high-definition coverage.


Place the foundation in the hollow of the brush then gradually brush it across the skin using circular movements from the middle of the face outwards.

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